Up Theme Birthday



My Niece Serena turned 1 yesterday! We celebrated her birthday early on Saturday, and I’m a bit glad and sad all the party planning craziness is over :).  Her party was based on the Disney movie up and we created plenty of decor and food to tie it all together.  My sister in-law, her friend Joanne,  and I pulled a lot of DIY work!  Created a chalkboard sign which we painted with a chalkboard paint I had laying around from Home Depot.  We were able to use some of the printables from disney like Carl, and an Adventure Book printout.  We purchased an ordinary notebook and printed it on sticker to wrap the notebook.  The adventure book served as a guestbook for the guests.  All the printables were really simple to use.  As far as the Carl printable, I printed it on card stock, cut it with and xacto knife, scored , and glued all the pieces.  We found a lot of inspiration on pinterest as well and that’s where a lot of the food inspiration came from.  For the backdrop by the desert table we cut out Serena’s name with foam core and washi taped it so it’ll have a design.  We took an ordinary birdhouse from Michaels arts and crafts and painted it to have a similar vibe of the house in the move UP.  Other awesome things at the party included, a snow cone bar, popcornopolis popcorn, and a photobooth as party favors.  My sister in-law baked trix crispy treats which is pretty much the standard recipe for rice crispy other than replacing the cereal.  A ton of balloons were scattered all around the venue to finish off the theme.  Feel free to check out my pinterest board for some of the inspiration we gathered and party pictures on my flickr account.

jessesart-sbdayjessesart-IMG_0566 jessesart-sbday2