Type Tuesday. No.1

There’s a bunch of typefaces out on the web and out of the many typefaces there’s always a few that stick out just a little bit more than others.  I’ve attached a few typefaces here that are free that I’ve found on Behance and Pinterest.  It’s important to select a font that sends out the correct message to accompany all the imagery on your designs.  Each typeface is just as important aspect in any layout you’re creating.   Try mix and matching a san-serif typeface with a serif typeface for that contrast. Click on the image to follow the link….Happy downloading!  Feel free to share some of your layouts using these fonts 🙂

01. Typeface: Glamor

Class: Serif

Designer: Hendrick Rolandez


02. Typeface: Weston

Class: Rounded Serif/Slab

Designer: Pavel PavlovWeston

02. Typeface: Bebas

Class: Display/ San Serif

Designer: Flat-it



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