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Weekends are the best.  Gives me time to take time to cook and re-coop from the busy work week.  Sorry for the hiatus! I’m kind of geeking our because I recently received an email from Visual Supply Co. aka VSCO a photography publishing platform of some of the best mobile photographers.  One of my images was selected to be on the Grid.  Hooray:)  You can follow me on at jesselyn.vsco.cojessesart-vsco_01



I decided to try my hand at cold brewing this weekend.  I’m a big coffee junkie sad to say, but I would drive the extra mile to have a great tasting cup of joe!  Some of the best coffee places do it this way to retain the most flavor out and filter out all the bad taste that you would normally get from a regular brew leaving a smoother tasting coffee.

So here’s the recipe I used:

Cold Brew Coffee Recipe

What you’ll need:

1 Liter Water

5 Tbs.Medium Roast Coffee Grounds


Coffee Filters

Agave Nectar

Milk/Condensed Milk


Time and patience ! 

• Fill your container about 3/4 with some cold water

• Add the medium roast grounds into the mixture and stir to get the beans wet.  Then top off the water.

•  Allow the cold brew mixture to sit at room temp or in your fridge for about 12hrs, If you do it before you got to bed it’ll be ready for you  in the morning…yes I said 12hrs…you’ll thank me later

•  About 1-2hrs of it sitting stir it again to distribute the beans/water mixture

•  After you’re mixture has set for about 12hrs, you’re ready to filter your coffee!  Your coffee should still be a bit dark like almost a deep caramel color.

•  Strain your mixture into another container, I did it twice just to make sure I got all the grounds

•  Cold brew is concentrated coffee and should last a few days.  Pour over ice, stir in some milk and a bit of agave nectar and enjoy 🙂



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